Feeling Judo: a documentary film about blind judo athletes.

Feeling Judo is a documentary that explores the lives of blind judo athletes. Some were born blind; others lost their sight later in life. All have found purpose and inspiration in the sport of judo that extend beyond any dojo. The people featured in Feeling Judo represent different skill levels and come from all walks of life.

The film is now complete and we will be doing a festival run soon, followed by an online release. To get updates please like and follow our Facebook page.

Feeling Judo launches new IndieGoGo campaign

Feeling Judo Indiegogo Campaign FundraiserThe new Feeling Judo IndieGoGo fundraising campaign is now live! We have added a trailer for the film and some extra prize packages for our generous contributors. This film is possible because of individuals like you who. So, you may be wondering, why do we need a fundraiser to make this film?

Contributions to the Feeling Judo IndieGoGo fundraising campaign will help pay for production and post-production costs for the film. This includes travel costs, footage rights, and music licenses. It will also help to pay for the crew’s work on the film.

When completed, Feeling Judo will tell the stories of blind judo athletes who come from all over the country. Some were born blind; others lost their sight later in life. All have found purpose and skills in the sport of judo that extend beyond any dojo.

This film is not just about the athletes; it is for them as well. A portion of the proceeds of Feeling Judo will go back to the blind judo community, and will help to cover travel and tournament costs as these judoka further their careers in the sport.

Please check out our IndieGoGo fundraiser page to see a trailer for the film and to learn more about the production and about our amazing crew. There you will also find a list of prize packages, or “perks” that you can receive when you donate to the film. You can help us by making a contribution or by spreading the word with friends and family. Your contributions will help tell a story that needs to be told, and we sincerely thank you for your help in supporting Feeling Judo.

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Meet the Feeling Judo Crew: Jared Voss

Feeling Judo at USA Senior Nationals

Jared getting ready to start a long day of filming.

In order to make a great documentary film, it is important to capture the look and sound of the subject in a way that allows the audience to connect to the story being told. To do this, a director needs a talented crew. Luckily, Feeling Judo has an amazing group of people working together to create this feature documentary. We have already introduced you to our Director of Photography, Carlos Ginard. Today, we would like to introduce you to Jared Voss, our sound mixer.

Where did you grow up? Where did you attend school?

I grew up in Buffalo Grove, and later went to boarding school on the east coast for high school.  I graduated college at Tribeca Flashpoint in 2010, with a degree in Audio Engineering.

What is your all-time favorite film?

Technocalyps by Frank Theys

What do you love about working in film?

I love the wide range of projects that I get to be involved with, meeting new, inspiring people and seeing new places.

Do you have any favorite projects that you have worked on in the past?

I co-produced and hosted a weekly music and comedy showcase for about a year, called Backstage Chicago.  It was truly a pleasure getting to give exposure to talented and creative people from the Windy City.

What do you do to prepare before starting a new project?

I evaluate what kind of a setup, equipment-wise, that would be appropriate for what I need to capture.  Communication with the director, as well as the DP and/or AC, is largely important.  Making decisions like whether or not to be tied into the camera or recording to my own recorder, untethered, make for a more smooth and efficient workflow.   I also like to get a feel for what the director is looking for stylistically, and make plans to do everything I can on my end to stay true to that.

What do you do for fun when not working?

I am an avid music collector, film geek and outdoor enthusiast.  Recently, I’ve sat back down at the piano after many, many years of not playing, and have been writing music again voraciously.  I’ve been playing piano since an early age, but when adolescence came around, I thought guitar and drums was much cooler so I gravitated more towards playing in rock bands.  My return to piano has inspired me, and got the creative juices flowing again.

What do you like about working on Feeling Judo?

When I joined the project, I knew virtually nothing about Judo.  Over the course of the past few weeks, I’ve been learning the ropes and developing a great appreciation and admiration of the sport and art form.  The dedication, knowledge and immense skill that everyone involved on this project has shown has been an inspiration.

Have you learned anything new while working on the film?

It was really neat to hang out with Mike Larsen, and to get a little perspective on a day in his life.  He is so knowledgeable about Judo, and he has such a positive outlook and philosophy on life.  It’s contagious!  It’s hard not to smile when you’re around him.  Knowing all the challenges he faces and obstacles he overcomes without questioning himself once, I’ve learned that we can all do great things with the right attitude.

Jared has been so much fun to work with, and he is truly an integral part of the Feeling Judo crew. Making a documentary film can be a difficult process, but it is much easier when working with such a talented and creative group of people.


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